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Annual Clinical Trials Symposium 2022

We are very pleased to invite you to participate to a new edition of Annual Clinical Trials Symposium, organized by the Avantyo Institute of Clinical Research under the patronage of the European CRO Federation (EUCROF) and Romanian CROs Association (ACCSCR).

The Annual Clinical Trials Symposium is a unique event on the Romanian market meant to facilitate the unique balance between specialists in the pharmaceutical industry, professional organizations of physicians, pharmacists, biologists, patient associations and regulatory bodies, to meet and discuss current trends in development of clinical trials.


Reshaping the clinical research landscape as consequence of latest geopolitical challenges


  • Updates on the new legislation for clinical trials in Romania
  • The impact of the war in Ukraine on Clinical trials worldwide and in the CEE region
  • Regulatory environment in EU for decentralized & hybrid clinical trials
  • Experience and take aways from performing clinical trials in Romania during pandemic
  • Decentralized and Hybrid Clinical Trials in EU
  • Digitization of clinical research in Romania
  • Innovative trial designs in early phase drug development
  • Importance of patient´s voice in clinical research.


Organizer: Avantyo Institute of Clinical Research

Date: 18th of November 2022

Location: Hanul cu Tei & Online

Symposium President: Dr. Cristina Florescu Moraid, MSc, EuSpLM, MRQA




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